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Harry Potter Characters + Famous Paintings.

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7th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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this broke my heart

#yeah it’s archetypally Good at the whole hero AND villain thesis   #maleficent fucked up she knows she fucked up   #she did harm to an innocent girl like harm was done to her when she was an innocent girl   #and the movie tells that narrative; so brings us on maleficent’s journey and we understand why she goes as dark as she does   #but it doesn’t excuse the harm she does to aurora; and she doesn’t either   #but other elements of what she does that are ‘dark’ that are rooted in self-protection or the protection of the moors   #aren’t judged in the same way   #just this one rageful unforgiveable act of harm to an innocent   #which she then risks everything to make right   #which makes her a hero; but also doesn’t negate the villainy of what she did   #and then once it’s made right; and the root cause of the evil (the divide between kingdoms) is rooted out   #via aurora   #maleficent is free of the narrative; free to fly once again like she did before evil was done to her   #so she goes back into the clouds and flies; and is fae and fickle and free (if not innocent) once again   #the narrative will haunt her; and make her into a villain; which is no more or less than what she deserves   #but she herself will be free of the evils and obligations of the narrative now that she’s lived it and corrected the evils she wrought  #in turn

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We’ve got Peeta for you. Josh Hutcherson!

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Pixar + last lines

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Remember when every girl wanted this phone


yoo if you had this phone in 2005 you were the coolest bitch on the block

I didn’t know this was a thing. my dad had this phone.

then your dad was the coolest bitch on the block no exceptions

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